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Christmas Decorating Electrical Safety Tips

By December 5, 2021December 15th, 2021home

We are officially in the month of Christmas! Presents are being bought, family is coming to town, and of course, decorating is beginning. But sometimes we can get a little too enthusiastic to decorate and forget about our own safety. On average, 350 people are injured while decorating with Christmas lights every year! We don’t want to see anyone injure themselves while getting festive for the season. So, we have gathered some Christmas decorating electrical safety tips to help make your holiday cheer more manageable:

  1. Ladders

While decorating outdoors and often indoors, a ladder is a necessity to the process. To ensure the most safety, at least one other person should be present with you while you are up on the ladder. This person should be there not only to keep an eye in case of a slip or fall but to hold the ladder steady and prevent one! Additionally, there is a warning printed on the top of every ladder dissuading you from using the top step. Even if someone is holding the ladder still, there is a severe risk of losing your balance if you are using the top step. When possible, always lean the ladder against the surface to decrease the chance as well.

  1. Keep out of reach

Small children are notorious for putting just about anything in their mouth that they find. Not only that, but pets can also get themselves in trouble in the same vein. Lights are especially risky to them due to their nature of attractive visuals and glass material. When decorating, or once it’s finished, make sure the lights aren’t in reach of a small child or a pet.

  1. Go easy on it

Sometimes we put up all our lights safely with no risks, injuries, or otherwise. But then, we still overdo it on the amount and it’s more than our Electrical system can take. Not only could this cause a power outage in your home but without the proper precautions, it can cause an electrical fire if given enough of a strain. When decorating, always make sure you have the right surge protectors, the number of separate connections, and that your breakers are strong enough to handle the load.

Christmas should be a relaxing, rejuvenating, and at times an exhilarating time of the year! But we want you to feel these ways safely ultimately. We hope this article will help you to think twice in these situations when the temptation to decorate recklessly comes up. For more information and tips on Christmas safety and the most common injuries, check out this additional article here. Happy Holidays!