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How to Detect and Avoid Mold in Your Home

By March 9, 2022March 11th, 2022home

It’s gross, it smells, and it isn’t pretty– it’s safe to say that no one likes mold. But besides the inherent unpleasantness, why should we be on the lookout? Here’s a few reasons why it’s important to keep an eye out for mold in your home.

Where There’s Smoke…

Mold needs three things in order to grow: a nice cozy temperature, plenty of organic material like wood or paper, and water. If you spot mold in your home, moisture is definitely nearby. Finding mold could be a sign that there’s some sort of leak or damaging buildup of moisture in your home, and that can affect the integrity of the structure as well as cause mold growth. No one wants mold on their ceiling, but a water stain from the upstairs bathroom is just as unpleasant to look at.

Sleepy, Dopey, Doc, and Sneezy

Got a cold that just won’t quit? Are your spring allergies sticking around long after the end of pollen season? You may be experiencing a mold allergy. Not everyone reacts to mold exposure in the same way, but cold symptoms such as sneezing, a runny nose, itchy eyes, etc. are common signs of a mold allergic reaction. If you smell something funky in the air, it’s probably time for air testing.

Dear God, What is That Thing?

If you spot mold growing in your home, don’t panic– we’ve all heard the horror stories about the “toxic black mold” in the news a few years back, but not all mold is created equal. No matter what, a home inspector can come in and sample anything you find so cleanup can start. Remember, mold has to have the right environment to grow in, and removing one of the necessary elements will stop mold in its tracks.

Want to Learn More About Protecting Your Home?

Maybe that mold growth was caused by a leaky pipe, causing damage to your belongings. Or maybe there’s been flooding due to a recent storm, covering your basement in ten inches of water. If you’ve got the right home insurance package, unexpected events like these are no cause for worry. To learn more about how you can protect your home from future accidents or damage, fill out our short online form or give us a call at 410-552-0403. Liberty Preferred Insurance Group is proud to offer comprehensive home insurance in Maryland, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania and Virginia.