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Why Churches Are Commercially Insured

As some of the most important organizations in a community, it’s crucial to protect churches and other religious buildings. You may not think of a church as a business, but they’re susceptible to many of the same risks as companies are. From the religious organization’s property to the people who depend on its services, there are many factors to bear in mind. Insuring a church protects not only the physical building but the community as well.

Property Damages

Just like a traditional business, churches possess property, goods, and equipment that are vulnerable to nasty weather or foul play. Unfortunately, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters plague religious sites just as much as any other.

A more unique risk churches face is based on age. Religious institutions are often quite old, with some even qualifying as historical buildings, and they see a great deal of use over the years. Expensive furnishings or religious objects pose additional risk– imagine the cost of replacing wall-to-wall stained glass windows! The art and property a church contains is also much more likely to hold significant importance than that of a supermarket or gym. Some items are incredibly difficult to replace, regardless of their monetary value. Religious institutions hold a great amount of history and esteem in a community, and insurance allows reconstruction after an incident to remain unburdened by undue costs.

Churches also often serve as community centers, providing a location for countless events and gatherings that eventually take a toll on any building. Updating the premises or investing in new facilities and utilities can get expensive, so it’s important to have coverage for unexpected costs and damages.

The People

Churches often employ a staff just as businesses do, albeit a smaller one. Some religious leaders even live on church property, and their personal belongings need protection as well. Running an organization is no picnic, and the peace of mind insurance can bring to a community should not be overlooked. From travel risks on mission trips to emergency replacements, the right commercial insurance policy protects everyone who relies on the church.

Looking for Church Insurance?

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