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Winter Prep for Spring Cleaning

By January 4, 2022January 11th, 2022home
Winter prep for spring cleaning

It’s a bitter cold season, and homes have been covered by leaves, snow, and even ice. During the winter, each part of our homes a beating and face different threats that will leave a mess to clean up in the spring. Here are some tips to make your spring cleaning a little easier!

  1. Keep your roof clear

Winter sends many threats down on your home’s roof. Ice and snow can gather and increase weight and strain on the shingles and support structure if allowed to gather over time. As the wood strains in can crack and begin allowing water into the home through cracks and breaks. Due to the cold temperatures, the moisture can often harden into ice, making leaks harder to locate since no water is initially getting in. To prevent any spring surprises, keep your roof clear of snow and ice as much as possible!

  1. Keep your driveway clear

Your driveway will inevitably gather snow and ice as it falls on your home. Of many surfaces, asphalt can take a lot of beating before it begins to be damaged. However, over time the ice and snow can form cracks in the surface through the melting and refreezing that occurs. Additionally, salt and excessive shoveling can cause their own damage if done excessively. The last thing you want to find here in the spring is a lot of damage from careless maintenance done! Always scrape and salt carefully.

  1. Sweep off the deck

Though we strongly advise against power-washing a surface in winter for obvious reasons, a deck can still be made cleaner and clearer without that. To prepare your deck for the spring power washing you’ll need to do, you can keep the deck clear of built-up snow, ice, and leaves. Sweeping and gently scraping these surfaces will make your job easier come spring!

Spring cleaning can be a handful, but it can be a very pleasant experience as well. We hope this article on winter prep for spring cleaning has been helpful to you! Here’s to warmer days!