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Basic Tips for a First-time Homeowner in winter

By November 26, 2021December 15th, 2021home

If you’re a new homeowner (or have been for some time for that matter) as you now know or will come to realize, there is a great deal that can go wrong with a house. Some problems are small, and some are much bigger to deal with. Either way, it is inevitable that you will face some trouble when it comes to the condition and function of your home. The winter out here in the east is often a messy and risky time for the home and the homeowner. Well here at Liberty Preferred, we want you safe and secure all year-round. As we approach winter, remember these tips for safety and peace of mind!

Up on the Rooftop

When winter comes (and sometimes fall and into spring on occasion), it brings with it new forms of weather to fall onto your cozy abode. Snow, sleet and ice can wreak all kinds of havoc on your house, especially your roof. Too much of all 3 could cause collapse due to too much weight and strain on the rooftop itself if the snow, ice and sleet have nowhere to go. Be sure to keep your roof safely clear of all of this collected up top! Be sure to check that trees above or in close proximity to your roof for damage from storms, or layers of ice and snow. The heavy load could bring them down on your roof with some serious damage! For more tips on your roof, our friends at Schaefer Siding have a great article on signs to look for in the event of damage.

Driving in the dark

I don’t know about you, but my least favorite part of the winter season is the shortness of days and leaving home and getting home in the dark. Getting out there and scraping off the ice, frost, or snow from the windshield is an experience I never seek out if I don’t need to!

The temptation to find a quicker way or not brush or scrape thoroughly is strong here, but it mustn’t be heeded! You’ve probably considered or have already experience the problem with throwing hot water on the windshield and other windows to quickly clear it. However, the rapid temperature change could lead to the windshield or windows cracking and breaking. This will make an already tough and unpleasant time a real headache! And be sure to scrape the snow and ice off the roof as well as your windows, though carefully. If it’s undealt with, it could fly off and damage other vehicles or decrease visibility. It’s better to be safe and leave a little earlier, even if it’s not preferred. Prefer safety over all!

Walking in the dark

Same with the various pitfalls common to a homeowner’s car are similar traps or hazards for your home and outdoor spaces. There are loads of video clips and compilations online dedicated to poor sidewalk and driveway care in winter – usually with large pratfalls ending humorously. However, it’s not always a small incident that can be laughed off and dealt with later. Cars can roll backwards off an angled driveway even with a parking brake on if there’s a sheet of ice present. And a person certainly doesn’t have a parking brake! Serious injuries can and have occurred, especially with the elderly and children. Having a Thanksgiving or Christmas get together? It’s a great idea not only as a respectful host but a safe one to take care of your driveway and/or sidewalk.

Winter is a challenging time in many ways, but especially as a homeowner. But with a little prep and consideration, it can be a good bit less so and a whole lot safer. We hope you found this article helpful and enjoyable! We have a great collection of further articles on safety on our site and outside it here.